On the occasion of the Presidential Decree, with which the Serbian-Hellenic Chambers of Commerce, which is based in Thessaloniki, is recognized as a Chamber with a transnational status, a presentation of the two chambers was organised on 16.11.2017, which took place at the Serbian General Consulate, with the contribution of the Ministry of Interior (Macedonia and Thrace) which is based in Thessaloniki, and with the participation of the Serbian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in Athens. The goal is the affirmation and promotion of the bilateral economic cooperation in between the two countries.

The event can be considered successful since the response was great (about 60 guests were present both representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and Greek authorities), unfortunately the number of attendants was smaller than expected due to the instruction not to attend public events since that day was a day of mourning for the catastrophic floods that afflicted Attica. In the forefront were the Director of the International Affairs Office, which belongs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece, mr. D. Papandreou and businessmen (the presidents of the bilateral Chambers, firm owners and directors). At the same time the finalization of the privatization of the port of Thessaloniki and the importance that was bestowed upon it by the Greek authorities (along with the progressing importance of city and Northern Greece in general) was underlined as something very significant for the bilateral economic cooperation of the two countries.