The Greek-Serbian Chamber of Greece, being aware of the importance of full understanding and accurate transposition of oral communications among people of different nationalities, linguistic idioms and cultural background in the success of an international business meeting or conference, has created a network of specialized and acclaimed interpreters, both in Greece and abroad, who cover international meetings requiring a high level of service and the continuous interaction between different cultural approaches and mentalities.

Specialization areas include interpretation and transcript:

  • Congress
  • Meetings
  • Day conferences
  • Conferences
  • Symposiums
  • Workshops
  • General meetings
  • Councils
  • Seminars
  • Events
  • Professional/business meetings
  • Business missions

All interpreters have many years of experience, highest education and professionalism and wide fields of knowledge, while having skills on active listening and note-taking, understanding, analysis, organization, transport and multiple meanings wording. Αlso, they are  distinguished for high specificity, professionalism, consistency, ethics and confidence.

We provide interpretation services to Greek and Serbian, inside and outside Greece.

For more information, please contact us.

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