Press Release 14.05.2015

Date: 14/05/2015



The Greek-Serbian Chamber of Greece inaugurates the first office in Leskovac.

The first office of the Greek – Serbian Chamber of Greece inaugurated in the city of Leskovac in Serbia, last Friday, May 8th. The opening ceremony followed by the first meeting of the administration committee of the Chamber held in the presence of Presidents of Serbian Chambers and representative of the Central Union of Chambers of Serbia. The press conference showed the intense media interest in the trade relations between the two countries, since there were above fifteen journalists.

The administrative committee rapidly arranging the following actions of the Chamber, that, in Serbia, will complete with the opening of the second office in Belgrade, which will be held Friday, June 12, at the central building of the Belgrade Chamber.

For the record, the first fifty days of the Chamber operation, the companies that have expressed interest have overcome the two hundred, something that point out the necessity of this particular Chamber.

The President of the Greek – Serbian Chamber of Greece, Kostas Georgakos, said that “our main purpose is to create a cooperation framework to achieve business agreements with companies of the two countries. At this point, I want to mention, that transactions between the two countries is 360 million euro. Our goal is to reach the 1 billion euro annually. The main concern of the Chamber is to create a new economic environment that will bring new companies and new jobs. The offices of the Chamber would work as information and promotion centers of the Greek – Serbian economic relations. What caused our impression is that when we informed Serbian businessmen for the financial cooperation framework, they told us that only 3% of the loads transferred to Serbia by sea are served by the port of Thessaloniki. One of our goals by the end of this year is to create the membership card, the holder of which will have a discount on prices on many services such as hotels, shops, etc.”

The following days, the Chamber delegation visited industrial units of food production and building materials and a university.


With honor,

The President

Kostas Georgakos


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