Energy and investment days are an ideal opportunity to meet the potential investors for investment projects unused renewable energy in Vojvodina and Serbia.

In collaboration with the Provincial Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources, during the Days of Power Supply will be organized business and professional conferences with international participation of eminent experts and representatives of companies from the energy sector on current topics.


  • Distributors of conventional energy sources
  • Manufacturers and distributors of electricity
  • The institutions whose activities are related to the development of technology in the use of renewable energy
  • Distributors and manufacturers of equipment and devices for the transformation of primary energy
  • Companies in the field of electricity and thermal power sector
  • Specialized firms whose activities are related to information system and transport in the energy sector
  • Relevant ministries and provincial secretariats
  • Institutions and company services and related activities in the field of geological research
  • Municipalities in Serbia and the region
  • Offices for Local Economic Development
  • Chambers of Commerce of Serbia and the region
  • Districts of Serbia
  • Agencies for Foreign Investments, foreign and domestic investors
  • Agencies for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Investment Funds
  • Other financial institutions: banks,leasing companies, insurance companies
  • Governmental and nongovernmental organizations to support development projects of Serbia
  • Directorate for Development- Public Enterprises



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