Greeks and Serbians have historically been bonded with a strong longstanding friendship.This year, on August 26, we celebrated the 150th anniversary since the achievement of the first of many alliances signed between Greece and Serbia during the past two centuries.

This proves that these two peoples have always been on the same side. The Serbians love Greece, adore swimming in the Greek sea and feel this country as their home. Likewise, the Greeks visiting Serbia during the last few years have exactly the same feelings for Serbia.

As an official body,the Greek-Serbian Commercial, Industrial, Tourist and SMEs Chamber of N.Greece, along with other bodies and institutions, have the duty to reinforce and encourage these relationships both in the commercial and tourism sector.

Since its foundation, the Greek-Serbian Commercial, Industrial, Tourist and SMEs Chamber of N.Greece has been conducting research to identify both strengths and weaknesses in the relationship of the two countries and, in cooperation with other bodies, intervenes on an institutional level whenever possible to resolve and overcome occurring problems.

We are confident that your participation in the 1st Greek-Serbian Tourism Forum will contribute significantly to learning more aboutthe two countries and increasing the number of visits to Greece and Serbia. Your presence will be substantial support for us, and will encourage us to continue our efforts towards this direction.

On behalf of the Board,
The President
Konstantinos Georgakos

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